Wie krijgt de grootste mierenkolonie bij elkaar? Wie bouwt het beste gangenstelsel met verschillende fruitsoorten of een koningin? Micropolis is een leuke filler of leuk gezinsspel.


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 Leeftijd: 8+
 Speelduur: 30 min.
 Aantal spelers: 2-6
Designer: Bruno Cathala, Charles Chevallier
Uitgeverij: Matagot
 Taal: Nederlands, Engels, Frans
 Taalafhankelijkheid: Neen
 Basisspel of uitbreiding: Basisspel
 Spelmechanisme: Card Drafting, Tegels Plaatsen, Set Collection

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Gather your ants in Micropolis, and send them through the anthill to do your bidding. What do you want? Fruit? Warriors? A queen? Even more ants?!

Each player starts with a central location that will be surrounded by ten tiles over the course of the game, with the tiles being connected by a series of tunnels. Over ten rounds, players draft tiles one at a time, with the player with the largest army going first. They can take the first tile in line, or place an ant on each tile they want to pass to get to something better. The tiles have various roles on them: Queens who if alone can improve their space; Nannies who give you extra ant soldiers; Architects who let you take any tile for free; Warriors who attack the first player; Generals who manage the movement of your ant soldiers; and Fruit gatherers who collect fruits, which score based on the variety you have.

Ants at the end of the game are worth one point each, and whoever has the largest army earns an additional 5 points.

0/5 (0 Reviews)


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