Hand of Fate: Ordeals – Royalty Expansion

In Hand of Fate: Ordeals – Royalty Expansion vind je 3 uitbreidingen terug: King of Dust, King of Plague, and King of ScaleBasisspel vereist.



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 Leeftijd: 14+
 Speelduur: 30-120 min.
 Aantal spelers: 1-4
Designer: Barantas
 Uitgeverij: Rule & Make
 Taal: Engels
 Taalafhankelijkheid: Ja
 Basisspel of uitbreiding: Basisspel 
 Spelmechanisme: Deckbuilding, Campagne, Coöperatief

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King of Dust is a multi-scenario campaign in which your party has incited the ire of the King of Dust. Explore the Bandit’s Camp and the surrounding desert with new encounters, cards and equipment. Struggle for your lives as you escape an impending bandit attack.

• In the cooperative campaign King of Plague, players need to scour the land and work together to defeat as many minions from the Suit of Plague as they can before moving on to encounter the aftermath of their actions. This campaign presses the players in new ways, requiring a different style of deck-building from the regular game.

King of Scale sees the return of the Success/Failure mechanism from the Hand of Fatecomputer game as well as all new encounters and equipment.

Three custom plastic miniatures are included in this expansion.

Basisspel vereist. Voor meer informatie over het basisspel, klik hier. 

0/5 (0 Reviews)


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