Ground Floor (Second Edition)

In Ground Floor one to five players adopt the role of Entrepreneurs responsible for the survival of their young start-up company. As CEO, a player will use their limited time to manage their business. Time is money, so they have to spend it wisely!



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 Leeftijd: 12+
 Speelduur: 90-150 min.
 Aantal spelers: 1-5
 Designer: David Short
Uitgeverij: Spielworxx
 Taal: Engels, Duits
 Taalafhankelijkheid: Enige Taalafhankelijkheid
 Basisspel of uitbreiding: Basisspel
 Spelmechanisme: Variabele Spelerskrachten, Worker Placement

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**Gelimiteerde uitgave van 1000 stuks**

Does a player need to hire staff or refine production? What about launching a marketing campaign?

Anything is possible with effective use of time, money, and information. But in order to reach that corner office of your skyscraper, a player has to start with everybody else…at the Ground Floor!

The goal is to become the CEO of the most prestigious company by accruing the most prestige points through expanding and improving your business. In addition to the “main” game Ground Floor includes the Automa Variant for one to three players plus some other variant components.

Second Edition: The game has been streamlined and in parts improved and complemented. The maximum number of players has been reduced to five; in addition, the game is played over seven instead of nine game turns. You can also find most of the Overfunding Achievements expansion included in this edition.

0/5 (0 Reviews)


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