Celestia: A Little Initiative

Celestia: A Little Initiative is de tweede uitbreiding op Celestia (vereist!). Nu kan je het vliegtuig verlaten door de roeiboot te gebruiken, maar die biedt maar plaats aan één passagier. Maar is alleen reizen wel zo slim? Je zal alle uitdagingen alleen moeten trotseren. Ook nieuwe speciale effectkaarten vind je terug in deze uitbreiding.


Beschikbaarheid: Beperkte voorraad

 Leeftijd: 8+
 Speelduur: 30 min.
 Aantal spelers: 2-6
Uitgeverij: Blam!
 Taal: Frans, Nederlands
 Taalafhankelijkheid: Neen
 Basisspel of uitbreiding: Uitbreiding (Basisspel vereist)
 Spelmechanisme: Dobbelen, Press your Luck, Variabele Spelerskrachten, Wedden

4.5/5 (2 Reviews)

As passenger, and by playing the correct card, you can announce that you are embarking on a lonely ride in the Rowboat if you feel the tide turning against you! Don’t be too slow though, there is only one Rowboat available per trip! Both vessels will then take turns to fly to the next city. The famous Aircraft will be first, followed by the Rowboat. The trip will go on as usual until both aircrafts crash.

Each Rowboat, depending on the card used to climb aboard, is equipped with tools that allow the player to ignore the dice of a certain color and to ignore the dangers lurking in the skies!

The captain can also set sail and go on a cowardly solo ride in the Rowboat, leaving the Aircraft to be controlled by the next passenger, who will have to command the Aircraft during the remainder of the trip!

The new special cards in this expansion allow players to take a sneak peek at the hand of another player, to give the command back to someone else or to completely change their hand. Prepare for low blows, suspense and surprises in this expansion that will take the players on an exciting voyage!

4.5/5 (2 Reviews)

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